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Sussex Lusitanos comprises of a small group of breeders - Sherene Rahmatallah, Roger Barnett and Margaret Cutler - who are all located within the same district of West Sussex in the south east of England. With the acquisition of the first mares in 1992, these breeders at present maintain a herd of 9 mares in West Sussex.

These include 1995 UK Champion Female JACA (Altivo x Batota) and 1995 UK Youngstock Champion NAVARRA (Helvecio x Fogueira), both bred by Pedro Sousa Vieira. One of our mares, OBREIRA (Hostil x Vapra), bred by Dr G Borba, achieved second place (Silver Medal) in the Ridden Mares Classes at the 2001 Lisbon Show. She is the highest placed UK-owned Lusitano to date to have competed at the Lisbon Championships. Obreira won the Female Championship at the 2005 Lusitano Breed Show, Addington and was Champion In-Hand Lusitano at the 2004 & 2005 Suffolk Shows.

Our other mares are homebred SAFIRA (Caju x Doninha), ANDORINHA (Caju x Jaca) and BELEZA (Jardineiro x Doninha), QUADRA (Iberico x Ideal) bred by Coudelaria Romão Tavares and BANDARILHA (Mosaico) bred by A Machado Gouveia. At Sussex Lusitanos, we specialise in performance mares - we have the partbred Lusitano mare, MORENA (Hortelão) bred by Coudelaria Romão Tavares. Morena won the Ridden Lusitano Class at the 2005 Royal Windsor Horse Show, presented in traditional dress by Ricardo Moura Tavares. Leila Rahmatallah and Morena, were members of the UK Working Equitation team at the European Championships in Bracciano, Italy (January 2005). Our other performance mare is purebred QUOTA (Iberico x Ginja), also bred by Coudelaria Romão Tavares. Quota was placed 2nd in the Yearling Class at Lisbon Show in 1998. She won the Intermediate Working Equitation Class at the 2005 Lusitano Breed Show, Addington and won the Parade Horse Class at the 2007 Suffolk Show.

The stallions at Sussex Lusitanos are our foundation stallion, CAJU (Bailador x Umbela), bred by D.Isabel Holstein Beck Campilho. Caju won the Stallion Class at the 1996 UK Lusitano Show, Stoneleigh and was placed first in the Ridden Lusitano Class at the 1998 Royal Windsor Horse Show. Our second stallion was JARDINEIRO (Danubio x Xelva), bred by Francisco Bessa de Carvalho. Jardineiro won the Foreign Breeds Class at the 1999 Richmond Show and was placed 2nd in the Ridden Lusitano Class at the 1999 Royal Windsor Horse Show. Jardineiro is now owned by Suzanne Holt.

Our most recent acquisition is NUMERARIO (Embaixador x Bailarina), bred and owned by Coudelaria Romão Tavares. On loan to Sussex Lusitanos. Numerario won the Stallion Class at the 2004 Lusitano Breed Show, Addington. He was also Champion In –Hand Lusitano at 2005, 2006 & 2007 Suffolk Shows.

At Sussex Lusitanos we have several young horses currently in training. They include:

VENTUROSO (Caju x Doninha) bred by Sherene Rahmatallah & Margaret Cutler. Venturoso is working at Elementary Level and is based in West Sussex. ZIG ZAG (Caju x Doninha) bred by Sherene Rahmatallah & Margaret Cutler. He was backed in June 2007 at Lusitanus, Golegã, Portugal and is now in training in West Sussex.

XERIFE (Habil) : 3/4 Lusitano, 1/4 Thoroughbred. Bred by Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire. Xerife is currently in training in Portugal with 2006 European Junior Working Equitation Champion and 2007 National Working Equitation Champion, David Gomes. ARQUEIRO (Numerario x Safira) bred by Sherene Rahmatallah & Margaret Cutler. Arqueiro is a young colt who is currently at pasture in Portugal. He will be backed in May 2008. ACASO (Numerario x Obreira) bred by Roger Barnett. Acaso is a young colt currently at pasture in Portugal. He will be backed in May 2008.

All of our stallions are bred from top quality bloodlines and possess very typical characteristics of the Lusitano breed. Apart from stud duties, the stallions and mares have participated in equestrian competitions and shows raising the awareness of the breed amongst the British public. Caju, Jardineiro, Numerario, Morena and Quota have all been members of the John Lassetter Dressage Display Team and performed at:

1999 National Dressage Championships, Horse 2000 Roadshow, Equine 2000 & 2001 at Cowdray Park, Stubbing Court CDI, Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund Celebrity Polo Day at Hurtwood Polo Club, Equus at Excel, London Docklands, Jardineiro and Numerario performed at the P & O White Sisters launch on Southampton Docks in 2003, Fry's CDI, East Yorkshire in August 2005, Cranleigh Show Pas de Deux 2004 & 2005, South of England Indoor Driving Event, Ardingly 2007, The Magic of the Horse at Towerlands 2007, Jardineiro, as Pegasus, opened the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley in 2001 and his photograph appears in the book ‘Horses’ by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

With the objective of maintaining the true and very special characteristics of the Lusitano horse, we aim to have the highest possible quality of temperament and movement in our stock, and so assist the promotion of the Lusitano horse in the UK.
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